CA​$​HRINA [PROD BY lilbrother]


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Telling me the same shit you said four months ago
You think I am gonna wait I ain't no fuckin hoe
I'm the one who calls the shots
I'm the one who's got a lot
You the one you waiting on
You the one that sounds distraught
Bitch you would of fuckin thot
Hitting me up like you forgot
All I need is just one shot
Just to prove dot dot dot
You stay in the motel bitch and I stay in the Marriott
All you want is fame but I'm the fucking juggernaut
Juggernaut bitch
Im the girl they be tryna fucking wife bitch
You hoe in the backseat
If you step to me you gon catch some heat
Jordan's on my feet
Glowing up discreet
You are half ass
Yeah you are incomplete
They mad we making moves I call them waiters
I'm going high up elevator

My name CA$HRINA x16

You suppose to be here but you fuckin not
Im suppose to sound mad but I'm fuckin not
You ain't ever out for that long shot
Cause you always be blinded by that blind spot
You don't think they know you faking it
Yeah we all know you faking it
If you knew what you had and embraced it
There'd be no fucking need for that fake shit
I'm done
Telling you what you should of done
Just so you know the deal
We ain't ever catching feels
We out here flexing
We ain't ever miss a meal
This is just a goodbye to the past
Cause CA$HRINA blowing up fast

My name CA$HRINA x16


released April 15, 2016
CA$HRINA [PROD BY lilbrother]



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